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In Singapore to be awarded with CSA's Cyber Essentials (CE) Mark and the first to take it overseas.
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Organizations assited for CSA's Cybersecurity essentials & Cyber Trust Certifications.
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Organizations awarded for IMDA's Data Protection Essentials Program (DPE).
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Systems, endpoints, infrastructure and platforms secured.

Cybersecurity is not a cookie cutter solution

Small & Medium Business

Protecting your business from cyber threats, no matter the size. Cybersecurity solutions custom-made for small and medium enterprises.

Charities, NPOs, SSAs

NPOs, SSAs and Charities handle extensive amounts of sensitive data. Protecting that data is essential to ensure compliance with regulations and maintain the trust of your stakeholders and the public.

Public Sector Partnerships

We’re more than just a cybersecurity firm. We believe in making a positive impact in the tech industry through our innovative solutions, community engagement, and though

PCs aren't the problem. Its the people behind them

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Dave Gurbani

As the Servant Lead of Cybersafe, Dave brings a wealth of experience to the table. With an extensive career in MINDEF that includes serving in both local & foreign deployments, Dave provides his experience across multiple security domains to SMEs across Asia.

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Vanessa Seah

Vanessa has extensive experience in business & education management from her startup experience and her previous roles at MOE and Singapore Airlines. She is fluent in multiple languages and has expertise in diplomatic protocol and human resources.

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Azizah Omar

Azizah is a highly experienced professional with over a decade of combined experience in project management and development that she gained from working at Enterprise Singapore and as an Instructional Designer for the SAF's Island Defence Training Institute.

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Sales & Accounts
Regine Tan

With almost a decade of account management and business development under her wing, Regine has a diverse background gained from her experience at both the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore and OCBC Bank. Regine oversees both SME and Key client accounts.

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InfoSec Analysts
Teebrynth Isaac

Isaac is a cybersecurity expert with extensive technical knowledge backed by a BSc (Hons) in Cybersecurity. His core skills include Blue-Team Operations, Cybersecurity Automation and Threat Analysis. Currently, he leads CyberSafe's security team.

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InfoSec Engineers
Gavin Lim

Gavin is a rising star at CyberSafe and represents the next generation of talent at the firm. He closely guides and develops the younger engineers on the team. Gavin holds a Diploma in Infocomm Security Management from Republic Polytechnic and has a deep specialization in Security Hardening.

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