Charities, NPOs, SSAs

Safeguard your organizations with badges of trust.

Ensuring the security of sensitive information is crucial for non-profit organizations as they navigate industry and governmental regulations, including MSF’s Data Security Instructions (DSI) and the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA). With a heightened vulnerability to cyberattacks, these organizations face significant challenges in meeting regulatory requirements while safeguarding the well-being of their customers, volunteers, and donors.

At CyberSafe, we specialize in cybersecurity and data governance solutions tailored specifically for non-profit organizations. As a recognized whitelisted vendor under the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) Tech-n-Go Program, we possess the necessary expertise to provide technical and advisory support to help your organization close gaps and earn essential government certifications and trust badges. These include the Cyber Trust/Cyber Essentials Certifications and the Data Protection Essentials/Trustmark Certifications, ensuring your compliance with MSF’s DSI.

Take proactive steps to safeguard your non-profit organization’s sensitive data and meet compliance regulations. Contact us today to discover more about our comprehensive cybersecurity and data governance services, and how we can assist your organization in establishing a strong defense against cyber threats.

Developing Trust for Charities, NPOs, SSAs

Endpoint security Hardening

Cybersecurity is more than just having an anti-virus or firewall. Our Cybersecurity Engineers are industry experts in security hardening, Ensuring that all your working devices are CIS Benchmarked.

Data Governance & PDPA Policies and Practices

We prioritize the safety of confidential information for non-profit organizations, recognizing their obligation to comply with diverse regulations, internal processes and lack of resources.

risk mitigation & prevention

The risk your organizations' face change rapidly. Having a risk-based approach in deciding how to deal with them is key in and must be aligned to your risk scrore assigned by MSF.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are these services supportable by Grants?

Yes. For Charities, SSAs and NPOs who are members of the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) may apply for funding support via its Tech-n-Go Granting Funding under Cybersecurity and Data Protection Professional Services here.

Which certification(s) should we embark on?

As a start organizations may consider starting with the baseline certifications (Cyber Essentials / Data Protection Essentials) to develop a strong foundations. Concurrently, your organization should also pursue the trust certifications (Cyber Trust / Data Protection Trustmark) to display organizational excellence. However, organizations should also consider if they are part of MSF's DSI Regulations. 

As a guiding principle, the Cyber Essentials/Trust have a primary focus on building strong cybersecurity pillars whilst the Data Essentials/Trust Certifications focuses on your Data Governance and PDPA Obligations. They can be considered cumilatively and are not mutually exclusive.

However, if your organization is identified to be under the purview of MSF's DSI, your assigned risk tier will determine the the certifications that you have to embark on. The are namely the Data Protection Essentials Mark and the Data Protection Trust Mark.

How long does it take & what must we prepare?

Typically entry level certifications such as the Cyber Essentials and Data Protection Essentials certifications can take anywhere between a 2-4 months to complete depending your organizations size. As most charitible organizations have limited IT and Governance resources; it will be supplemented by support from Cybersafe. 

Organizations should prepare a simple inventory of their assets, processes and people before commencing.

Can we pursue these certs without dedicated IT Staff?

Yes. It is not uncommon for organizations to have existing staff that double-hat these roles. Our service delivery is structured in a way to help you develop a sustainable and reliable system to mantain both your digital security systems and governance processes.

The Cybersafe Joes are not only consultants. We are also the analysts and engineers dedicated to carry out necessary work for your organization.

MSF Data Security Instructions

FAQ will be released soon. For more detailed information on MSF DSI and if/how it affects your organization, please contact us here.